its the end of the …. semester as we know it.


The semester is over, and has been for a week now, thank god. Its taken that long for my brain to decide that cooperating with me is a good thing. We had our work Christmas party on Tuesday, and we’re exchanging gifts for secret santa today. Woopty fucking do. Woopty apparently isn’t a word.

The highlight of the Christmas party, aside from the fantastic food and free booze, was the belly dancer. Leave it to a bunch of Greeks in D——- to throw a party and have a belly dancer. She was amazing. I have pictures of my husband dancing with her. :D it was surprising a lot of fun.

I’m still not done with Christmas shopping. Its funny, the people who aren’t getting their Christmas presents until after Christmas, they’re all done, not wrapped, but done, and the people, like my parents and husband, that I need to give their gifts on Christmas, they’re not done.

And I’m really not sure what I’m going to get anyone else. All of my creativity is gone. I need to hit the dollar store and see if they have cheap 8 X 10 frames. Hmmm.

Yes in my infinite spare time.

Fuck me.

I have an eye exam tonight. I have to get new glasses, I can’t handle the headache and eyestrain anymore. And I saw a bunch I liked at DOC yesterday, with really cool frames. Unfortunately, I don’t know what they’re going to do about my astigmatism.

I got a bottle of lemoncello from my co-worker for secret Santa, the person I got, loved the wine and wine charms I got them, and the husband got a bottle of wine, a wine bucket and 4 glasses. Party time. Bob’s person isn’t here yet, but she got a spa kit thing.

I got my person a bottle of Aquinas red wine. I think merlot.

I honestly can’t remember.

Next semester, I weaseled my advisor into signing off on the classes I wanted, even when the general advisor-lady said no. He thinks I’m capable. I think I got fucking lucky.

Must go back to working, or looking like I’m working.

Fun times.


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