freedom vs. ‘security’


I’m sitting here, reading Mahmood Ahmadinejad’s blog, wondering if I should worry that the government is watching me, and keeping tabs on the fact that 2/3 of the blogs I read are written by people living in the middle east? Mostly Lebanon and Saudi Arabia.

Gosh darn, I hope not. Otherwise, there could be some serious problems.

The husband thinks this is odd.

I think its, well, a sign that I can’t rely on US news media to give me a balanced look at what’s going on in the world. And one can only take so much BBC. Especially when its hard to get here, and its all radio all the time.

And now they can go through my mail?!?!?! Oh dear, they may find out I’m a member of the ISI. And that I buy shit loads of text books for the husband’s classes on intelligence and religion. And a few for me, once and a while.

Surprisingly, I don’t care about the mail thing as much as I do about the NSA wiretapping.

Unfortunately, if you’re not a US citizen and you’re living in the US, the constitutional right against unlawfull search and seizure, doesn’t apply. (See also persons under the age of 18, you really don’t have a right to free speech. Learned that the hard way…) So with my limited knowledge of constitutional law, even I understand that no citizenship = no (constitutional) rights.

And wiretapping the phones of US citizens, even if they are suspected of having ties to terrorists, is UNCONSTITUTIONAL!

Sorry, I’m a big fan of not stomping all over the Bill of Rights in the name of false security. Giving up my freedom and privacy isn’t going to make the world any safer, so I’d like to keep what I can, while I can.


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