professor s. that has a nice ring to it…


I was reading a post about the pros and cons of PhD work and was astounded by how nippy some of the people had gotten. Wow. But what struck me most wasn’t that, it was the recurring theme that if there is anything else you want to do, DO IT! (OH, and to have your possible dissertation topic in hand before you begin or you’ll never finish)

Now that sounds all fine and dandy, and it was qualified with the fact that IT! had to be as fulfilling as whatever the PhD would lead to.

Which leads me to believe that, yes, I am destined to sell my soul to an institution of higher learning at least one more time, and become as persnickety and jaded as Doc. If my students can fear me too, that would be even better.

I’m not counting on that, I don’t think I’m nearly so intimidating.

IT! is the PhD and it is the light at the end of the tunnel.

And damn it, I want a floppy hat!


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