random things about me


Rules: Write 10 random/odd habits or facts about yourself. Then tag 10 people and have them do the same. All great fun

1. I’m a hippy. Not in the pot-smoking 70’s tie-dyed way, but because I am fundamentally opposed to war and violence.

2. I am obsessed with Alan Rickman. Especially Alan Rickman as Severus Snape.

3. when I sleep, my feet cannot be covered unless I’m REALLY cold, and I’ve lost feeling in them. otherwise I get too warm and can’t sleep.

4. If I oversleep on a weekend when I just don’t get out of bed, what finally drives me out is that I get too warm and sweaty and uncomfortable to stay in bed.

5. I don’t have nightmares. I never really have. I’ll have dreams that scare me and weird me out, but they’re not nightmares; they don’t feel like nightmares. Most of my dreams are really mundane or strange alterations of reality.

6. I am obsessed with tattoos. I have one, and I’m certain by the time I have kids old enough to care, they will cover major portions of my back and arms. I’m starting that with two more before summer.

7. I clean my glasses the instant I notice any dust or anything on them. And I don’t just wipe them off, I break out the spray and the cloth. Because my glasses being dirty annoys me more than anything that’s not my little brother.

8. I wear sandals all the time. Even when its freezing out, like it is now, I wear sandals. And I did. Even though I had to take hot water out with me to get the ice off my mirrors this afternoon.

9. My current favorite tv show is a CBC news show called the hour. Its funny, irreverent and balanced. And the host is HOT. Plus, they make fun of Bush on a pretty regular basis.

10. I own a recurve bow. I’d like a long bow, but they’re expensive and hard to pull


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