on family and kids and crap.


I found out, [I was going to say ‘we’ but he’s known for a while… GRRR] that my mother-in-law is going to have to have surgery to fix a hole in her abdomen. Which, ok fine we’ll deal with it, like we deal with everything else. The only problem is who is going to watch the kids while m-i-l is recovering from surgery, we’re both working full time, going to school, and neither one of us is home some nights. Like Tuesdays, and Thursdays. And some Mondays.

And we’ve been discussing the fact that if we hope I’ll be done with my MA by 2010 I need to get crackin and take more than 5 credits a semester. Which realistically means quitting the job and going full time while working part time. Not a big deal as long as he gets a better job. Because really, I get paid shit. I want to take more classes, and he wants a new job, but neither of us have been able to look for said new job.

The above mentioned possibly quitting job and not working does not go with the watching of the children. [not to mention that I still wouldn’t be home Monday, Tuesday or Thursday nights…]

At all.

I’m not keen on the idea of quitting my job to raise my own children, let alone these kids. I know that’s selfish of me, but I’m not even sure I want kids. I think I do, but really, its never been a priority. I never imagined I’d get married, and hell if I was going to have kids before then, so I never imagined having kids. ever.

When I told the husband that I’m not exactly cool with his idea, he got pissed. Sorry, for a minute, I felt the need to be a little selfish and tell him he was out of his fucking mind, and seriously going to jeopardize our relationship. We’ve both dealt with feeling trapped by this whole arraignment, and I’m sorry, that’s fucking out of the question.

So now the hope is to bribe my co-worker’s daughter into picking them up from school and taking them to my mom’s or watching them until one of us gets home.

Well fuck me with a pogo stick.


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