construction and the brits


Its freezing cold outside and snowing heavily for the first time this winter.

And yet, MDOT begins construction on the Lodge on Monday, where there’s going to be ONE lane open on the ONLY OTHER NORTH SOUTH HIGHWAY IN THE CITY! (Other than I-75, that is.)

So my drive home from school is going to suck a whole lot more than I ever thought it was possible.

Which, ok, that’s fine, I get around it, we always do. There are only two seasons here, winter and construction. What the hell happened to the winter part of that equation?

[Its snowing like a mad something here, and I’m watching a hokey player I’ve never heard of talk about politics and hockey. Which is amusing in itself.]

Normally, we don’t have construction on this scale in February. That whole freeze/thaw/freeze/thaw shit we have going on usually means that we don’t pave things in winter. Today its -7C and its supposed to stay between -2C and -10C for the rest of the week. Damn it’s cold.

Wait, that’s why we use Alaskan paving techniques around here, or we’d never get anything done. The big problem I have is that I don’t know how I’m going to get home from class on Tuesdays and Thursdays because the only real way to get from school to 75 and 696 is on the Lodge to the Davison [to 75 to 696] otherwise it’s a much longer drive up Linwood.


And I can’t enter the CBC/The Hour Brit Awards contest because I don’t live in Canada. I wonder if I can get someone I know to enter if I feed them answers. I am especially pissed off because I KNOW who they’re talking about. GRRR. I want to go to the Brit awards. Anyone want to take me?


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  1. This blog is pretty cool. Just wanted to say hi!

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