dreams and nightmares… (pt. 2)


They are places I could call home in a moment, without hesitation, without a second thought to what I might leave behind. The dreams are more real to me than the reality in which I masterfully participate, most of the time. They are places rich with a history I long to discover, and in turn, discover a little more of who I am, because who ever I may be in these dreams seems to bear only passing resemblance to who I am in the waking world.

They leave impressions, feelings, and nothing else. They are impressions that shift how I think about things, change my outlook, and disrupt my outlook and how I interact with the world around me. I’ve only had one other dream like this before now, and it shattered me.

Just like these dreams do every morning.


One Response to “dreams and nightmares… (pt. 2)”

  1. like snails, we carry our homes with us. I’ve come to respect dreams a lot – not fear them, not take them *too* seriously – but just to acknowledge that they are something and, being something, they have a cetain something :) Should we be guided by them? probably not, to be honest, because they represent a lot of baggage that is probably best left behind. If I’m worried about something, I tend to think it’s only *really* a problem if I dream about it, and even then it probably isn’t. I love the fact that we have these weird, unexplainable, beautiful movies in our heads. There’s this corner of beauty that we’re never going to conquer, really. The surrealists didn’t, because interest in someone else’s dream can only last so long before it gets boring, and they just went on silly tangents and started producing stuff unlike any dream anyone has ever had…

    er…intesting blog. bit of a rambling post, sorry. you really got me thinking there.

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