Well, Lent has started.


And it’d been interesting thus far. I didn’t give anything up this year, I’m not good at it. so I’ve been going to mass every day. So far so good. I don’t know if its going to last, and I’m pretty certain I’m not going to go while I’m in CA, but I’m going to try.

My back up plan is to pray the Liturgy of the Hours. Which is all fine and dandy, but uh, no one ever told me I was going to need an instruction manual on how. I picked up book II, for Lent and Easter, at the library yesterday. It red and has lots of ribbons for finding the page I want, and the library worker told me I’d get a lot out of praying the Divine Office every day, which I believe because he’s a seminarian, and they have to pray it every day, as do catholic priests, which I did know.

The Divine Office seems so much like what I’m trying to accomplish with Lent, I just wish I knew how to pray it!

I didn’t make it to mass yesterday morning, so I went to mass after the library, downownish, really between New Center and Downtown. It was an interesting experience. There were maybe 25 people in the chapel, and they were all very welcoming. Believe me I didn’t fit in, at all. And of course with that few people, there was no way for me to blend in. The really weird part of the mass was that everyone recited the Eucharistic prayer together. I know Eucharistic Prayer I and II well enough that I can say them along with the priest at mass if I choose, but, usually I whisper them or recite them in my head, not out loud, and never with the whole community.

The homily was also different, I suppose more so I didn’t think it related to the gospel that much, but I was doing my best to not feel completely and totally out of place.

I’m sure it didn’t help that I was wearing bright red pants, a rust colored t-shirt, and a denim jacket and no coat. So in addition to being young and white, I wasn’t dressed for church.

Slowly but surely, I have a feeling I’ll see most of the churches in the area while I persue this one mass a day.


One Response to “Well, Lent has started.”

  1. 1 Pawel

    One instruction manual for the Liturgy of the Hours is in the book. It is called the Ordinary. It’s somewhere near the middle of the book, before the Psalter.

    For another manual, try http://prayer.rosaryshop.com/discoveringPrayer.pdf


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