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Reality has set in. I have three weeks top research, write and edit my paper on natural theology in Aquinas. I love natural theology. The first time I was introduced to it, the lightbulb in my head went on, and I realized that yes, Catholicism was something I could ascent to because it was logical. […]

on vacation…


Two weeks ago we went to Disneyland. And it was perfect. There’s nothing more we needed than to be able to behave like a bunch of five-year-olds and have it be perfectly normal, especially after having breakfast with Disney characters two mornings in a row. We’re going to Disney World next year; at least that’s […]



I’m not normally vindictive or vengeful or anything like that. But there’s specific places in front of my apartment where you can’t park. Because there’s a turn lane, and what not, and it’s really easy to hit the cars that are illegally parked. I called the nonemergency number, and they sent a cop out finally. […]

jobby jobness


Well, it’s almost done, today and tomorrow and I’m off to other things. My co-worker L is probably the on I’ll miss the most. But most of the ladies I like a lot. I’m looking forward to the shop more than I ever thought possible, so this is definitely the right time to be doing […]

news and notes


Well, its official, I’m going back to the shop. *sigh of relief* I told the boss today at the end of the day, because there was no time before that. I’m mostly excited. I’m partly worried. But it’s good. They give me the flexibility to take classes when I need, and that’s really important. Vacation […]