Prayer and degrees.


I’m beginning to think maybe I just can’t pray. Or maybe I don’t know how to pray spontaneously. Is there training in that? I know there’s training to spontaneously lead public prayer. But I haven’t seen an intro to prayer class offered at the seminary, but then I have a serious aversion to the idea of taking an undergraduate class ever again.

Speaking of classes, I’m going to start another MA program concurrent with the one I’m in right now. This one will be an MA in philosophy to go with my MA in theology because I’m obsessed with the philosophical understandings of God and how they impact the way we speak about God in theology. I’m considering writing my theology thesis on the names of God. Or alternately about some kind of early church doctrinal development. Mary as mother of God (theotokos) interests me, but more so the filioque and the development of the rift between the east and the west in response. And I love St. Augustine, so developing the thesis in relationship to him would be loads of fun.


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