papers and such


I should be working on my paper, but I’m taking a break. Too much Thomas Aquinas can make your head spin. And I LIKE philosophical theology and metaphysics. But the paper is supposed to be on the theological side of Aquinas’ arguments, not so much the philosophical side. That was what I wanted to write, mostly about St. Anselm’s ontological proofs for God’s existence.

I will be really happy when the semester and the summer term are over, even though I’m looking forward to taking Patristics, I want a break. I want to read only what I choose to read.


4 Responses to “papers and such”

  1. Good luck on your paper. I see you have an extensive set of interests ranging from CBC to TV, Islam to Iran, Construction to Spiritual Direction..

  2. Yep, its a varied and interesting life I lead.

    Mostly, i just try to tag things relevantly, and I complain about the construction they’re doing on my drive to school a bit…

  3. It’s amazing to consider how many people are probably in a very similar boat to us. I’m just taking a break from connecting Thomas’ account of the effects of the Eucharist with the fittingness of the Son being sent invisibly.

    delightful stuff, to be sure. Apt material for marathon writing? Not so much. =)

  4. funny enough, we are in a very specific boat, because its the same school… and the marathon writing has turned into final for Trinity and Christology.

    one day i will learn not to procrastinate so much, maybe around thesis time…

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