Anslem and philosophical proofs


I have a very high Christology. The Word became flesh and dwelt among us. Which also means that I am a very high Church Catholic. I like high mass, I like ritual and tradition, and I feel safe within the institution, despite her flaws.

But I didn’t get here from a religious experience; I came to faith in God via St. Anselm’s ontological proofs. After that I did experience God in other ways, and what I had previously experienced became a great sense of foundation for me.

But if Anselm hadn’t said, “its all rational” I don’t think I’d be here.

All of this is making the paper very hard, because one of the questions I have to answer is if philosophical proofs are the proper basis for faith. I have to answer yes. But I know that for most people the answer is no.

I don’t feel comfortable putting that much of myself into my paper, but I cannot argue that philosophical proofs have no place in assent to faith.


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  1. Thanks, always good posts on your blog!

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