Break Time


I’ve finished the theological methods test, thankfully.  All I have to do now is type out q1 because I was forgot what I handwrote at home, and I don’t feel like doing all of it over again.  Why on earth would I want to do double work?  I don’t know either. 

My Trinity and Christology test is proving to be harder than I anticipated.  I might actually write the second question, on the Christology of Chalcedon, first while it’s all fresh in my mind and go back to the Trinitarian controversy later.  It all makes my head spin anyway.  


Before I go back to trying to define the positive and negative doctrines of Nicea-Constantinople, must call the AOD office of education to make sure I can pay for the summer term.



2 Responses to “Break Time”

  1. wait, have we met?

  2. yeah, actually, yesterday (tuesday) in the computer lab. I wasn’t positive who you were, so i didn’t say anything.

    So, yes, we have met.

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