I’m done!


And my final’s not even due until Sunday! As a professional slacker and procrastinator, I’m astounded. I was certain I’d be at Doc’s this Sunday diligently typing away while everyone else was outside enjoying the theology club picnic. Yes, my alma matter has a theology club, and we have end of the year picnics. But I digress…

I have 48 hours, 13 minutes until my test is due (well, I did when I started typing), and I’ve already emailed it off to Fr. J. I consider this a major improvement. I didn’t leave everything down to the wire, mostly just the paper.

Which, consequently rewarded me for my procrastination, I got an ‘A.’ I never get grades like that on papers. Usually I’m very unorganized and tend to bable. This time, I had an outline. (Doc will never let me live it down if he finds out…) And with the exception of some awkwardness in the introduction, which I knew about, but couldn’t figure out how to fix, there were no negative comments.

The procrastinating part of me feels like I’ve failed. The rest of me is going to go enjoy my school-free weekend and go drop my Trinity and Christology textbooks off with Doc for the summer, because, really, I’m not going to need them for a while, and I think he’s teaching Christ in the Secular Culture in the fall.

Good for him. I’ll worry about the fall when I get back. And I can pay for the fall…


One Response to “I’m done!”

  1. Ok – I’ve read a few of your posts (new to this blog). Who’s Doc?

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