Politicking children


Mickey Mouse isn’t’ supposed to be political. Unless you’re Hamas and you run the TV station that airs Tomorrow’s Pioneers, on al-Aqsa. Interesting. The mouse’s name is Farfur, and apparently he bears striking resemblance to Mr. Mouse. (watch out, Disney’s a stickler for copyright infringement)

I understand that it could be an issue of freedom of speach.  And I’m a huge proponent of a very unlimited First Amendment, so I have a hard time with the goverment deciding what should and shouldn’t be on TV.  Plus, free speach and free press is what really seperates a democracy from a dictatorship.  But, its a children’s show, and I have to think that’s a little differnt.

Its one thing to show overtly political programming to adults and people old enough to make informed choices about the content of what they watch.  Its another thing to indoctronate children.

Why would you want to teach Islamist ideas to a child? Hate is learned, its not something people are born with. What gives?

They’ve been told to cut the show… but I have serious doubts about it…

you can find the BBC article here.


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