i love my school… *repeats mantra a few times*


I love going to Small Urban Campus Seminary (SUCS), really I do. I love everything about school. Sometimes, I don’t like doing business near it. The closest gas station, with a decent size convenience selection to SUCS, usually is pretty quiet. I get hit up for change, and hit on, and then I go about my business and all is well in the world.

Not so much today. There was some guy inside, while I was trying to hit 5$ so I could pay with plastic, ranting and raving. And then raving some more when the owner asked him to leave because he was being a disturbance. And he was rude. Really rude. So much so, that I think the owner was worried I’d take my business elsewhere.

Nope, no thanks, at least at this gas station, I can walk around without feeling claustrophobic, but I still don’t tell my mom I shop there. On a fairly regular basis. (its there or at the Family Dollar way down the street). Most of the time I don’t mind feeling like the only white chick stupid enough to shop there, but today, I wanted to turn around and deck the guy. Instead, I told the owner, I hoped he had a better day, and left.


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