summer term


I love my class. Patristics is wonderful, and I’m putting all of that work from Trinity and Christology to good use. But I hate summer terms. Thirteen classes, because of Memorial day, and then down to twelve because of a conference. How are we supposed to cover 700 years of patristic theology in twelve classes? I’m not sure, but apparently we’re going to try.Today we covered Tertullian, and I got to direct the beginning of the discussion. So, I pointed out that Tertullian was the first to use “trinity” to describe the Godhead, and that he speaks of the two natures of Christ, and the ultimate unity of God. There were other things, but those seem to be the most important.

I’m glad that I’ve got some idea of what’s going on, because it seems that a number of people in my class haven’t got that luxury. I had been worried I’d be ill prepared because I’ve never taken church history. I was wrong. Thus far, its been fine. And my post-it flags are my friend. This time pink, next time yellow. I think I should invest in some book darts.

Every class, a different one of us has to lead discussion, and then at the last class we have to give a 20 minute presentation of our 2500 word research paper. I’ve chosen to write on free will and grace in the Fathers, with a focus, I think on the early fathers, because, I’m really not prepared to tackle Augustine right now.

Anyway, I think someone else is.


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