Patience and strength


That’s what I need today. Patience to believe that tomorrow really will be better, and strength not to cave to all the stress right now. And maybe a good nights sleep that doesn’t include dreams of my apartment being demolished with no warning, as an undergrad. *shudder* its been a bad couple of days.

Friday my mother in law was assaulted on her way home from school with my niece and nephew. Husband took MIL to ER while my parents and I took the niece and nephew out to dinner. MIL is fine, if a little shaken, and the parents had a very enjoyable weekend spoiling their not-grandchildren. (Substitutes till we have kids.) Husband also got flat tire. AAA is my hero.

Saturday work was a zoo. I didn’t get out until after 6, and we close at 5. We were so swamped that at 5 no one could even close the door to stop more people from coming in. On the plus side it was a good day sales wise. Husband spent $380 on new tires, because the alignment in red car was all f’d up and killed the tires we bought last year.

Yesterday should have been fine. For the first time in eons I went to mass and felt like a complete outsider. I’ve been to mass at this church before, and the priest is wonderful, but I still felt like I didn’t belong. I haven’t felt that since I was in high school and no one I was friends with at school was Catholic. I’m not even sure I was really Catholic. Lunch at my parents was enjoyable, like usual, and my niece basically taught herself to ride a bike. Then I went and read 90 pages of Clement of Alexandria and Origen. I love my class, but I’m not sure I got anything out of that reading.

Today my niece and nephew were at my apartment at 7AM. Thankfully, I got to sleep a little after they got there. They are really self sufficient. The husband took the mother in law to the old school, un-enrolled the kids, went to the new school, and reenrolled the kids, then came to pick them up and take munchkins and MIL to doctor’s office so that she can get a follow up check up. And then the right front axel tore out of the transmission. So, plan b was implemented. While husband and red car, and two police cars blocked traffic, I took the horde to the doctor’s office and then finally went to work.

Slightly less than two hours late, and now just under a thousand dollars poorer. All in the course of a weekend.  (make that 1400, after the tires. And we’ll be replacing right front tire because it did not handle rip-out-of-transmission so well.)


2 Responses to “Patience and strength”

  1. 1 faizah

    for me as a muslim i belief that life is for today not yesterday nor tomorrow. There is no guarantee that i still a life until tomorrow, and what already happened in the past was something that i couldn’t do about. But it doesn’t mean i didn’t plan my tomorrow, indeed as a muslim we were told to plan at least five thing to do for better tomorrow but human only can try don’t they? , God may speak. By dedicated my life for today than i hope i have strength to survive until the day end because i never know weather tomorrow still mine.

    ~from some one who try to patient towards a glory~

  2. Sorry you’re having such a tough week! I hope that you are able to find a parish that makes you feel more welcome.

    There was an interesting discussion a few months ago on I believe it was Mark Shea’s blog about how many people leave Catholicism for Evangelical Protestantism not because they initially had a problem with Catholic theology but because they simply did not feel a sense of community at their parish. After their conversion, they do often end up buying into Protestant theology but the initial decision to leave was an emotional one. The Catholic Church needs to do a much better job than it currently does IMHO in addressing members’ need for community.

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