Natural Family Planning


We’re NFP practitioners, of the ‘no kids now’ variety, also of the ‘wing and a prayer’ variety. We’re open to having children, but it’s not something we can do right now. NFP wasn’t our first choice of birth control methods, because of medical reasons on my part. However because of other medical reasons, it became the de facto choice. We weren’t certain that kids we in the cards until recently…

Possibly because of that, and possibly because the only people I’ve ever met that I *know* are practicing NFP only have 2 kids, and only ever will, I’ve never had a problem with using it to limit family size and postpone having children. And Doc also taught my Marriage class in college. (that was an experience.)

Reading a couple of articles recently have made me look at why we’re not having children yet, namely because I’m still only 1/3 of the way through my masters, and we’re responsible for my brother-in-law’s kids. (Two’s enough for now.) Do I consider those ‘grave’ reasons? No, probably not, but serious ones, yes. The version I used in morality and marriage as an undergrad was not the Daughter’s of St. Paul translation of Humane Vitae, I don’t know which it was, but it wasn’t blue, because that’s the version I just picked up at school.

Part of me agrees with Hope at M.O.M.S., that anyone who prayerfully determines how many and when to have children is using NFP properly. The other part of me thinks when I have children is between God, B and I. We get asked all the time when we’re going to have children (our three year anniversary is in October) and the customary response is ‘later.’ And it will be later. Like when I’m 28, which will be in a little over 3 years.

There’s no reason why anyone else would need to be interested in why we’re waiting, or how we’re practicing NFP


3 Responses to “Natural Family Planning”

  1. I too get annoyed when fellow Catholics second-guess my decision to use NFP for tta. They do not know all of the personal circumstances factoring into our decision and it’s frankly none of their business. It’s not up to them to judge whether our reasons are “serious” enough but up to God. If they are not in fact serious enough, then He’ll lead us to take chances or we’ll simply fall into the 1-2% of NFP users who follow the rules and still get pregnant (I hate the term “failure” when it comes to having a baby). What matters is that we’re “open to life” and do keep an ongoing dialogue between the two of us and God. We do hope God blesses us with more children in the future when circumstances allow (hopefully in the next year or two).

    Best of luck with your master’s thesis :-)

  2. 2 Student Wife Waiting

    You have company. Graduate schooling, NFPing, praying, waiting, fending off questions. Welcome to being a Catholic woman in the 2000s.

  3. 3 Erick

    I’m currently a graduate student working on a Master’s in Marriage and Family Therapy. I’m currently conducting research on the relationship between Marriage relationships and Family planning methods for a critical analysis in research class. I’m currently looking for married couples who practice Natural or Artificial Family planning methods for my research. If you or anyone you know would be interested in taking this survey I’ve developed for my research purposes, I would be extremely grateful. This survey is confidential. Below is the link of how to access the survey. Thank you in advance.

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