I hate being hit on in church.


I hate being hit on in church.

As a note to all the single catholic men out there, mass is not a good time to troll for girls. It’s distracting, and annoying.

I was hit on after mass today. And I just knew it was going to happen. I don’t like it, for a couple of reasons. The biggest of which is I’m married. And that big gold band on my left ring finger says so, rather loudly, and prominently. So does the claddgh on my right hand. Either way you look at it I’m taken. So, please, when I try to politely get away without causing a scene, and perhaps seem a little uncomfortable that you’re following me to my car, that might be why. Especially since I drive a rolling advertisement for my employer.

Ugh. I’m so distracted and uncomfortable because of the whole thing that I can’t concentrate on the homework I should be doing. Like reading three more church fathers: Athanasius, Cyril of Jerusalem, and Hillary of Poitiers. There’s still enough of Athanasius left to make me nuts.

And I haven’t started the 2500 word paper on Free will and determinism in the early fathers (i.e., everyone before Augustine, because another student is doing Augustine) that’s due on the 20th, and I have a wedding to attend next weekend.


2 Responses to “I hate being hit on in church.”

  1. Ugh, I hate it when guys hit on me when I’m prominently displaying a wedding ring. That’s terrible that someone who obviously considers himself to be a Catholic did it to you at Mass.

    I do have to respectfully disagree with your blanket assertion that the church is not an appropriate venue for trying to meet Mr. or Miss Right. I know several happily married couples who met through the church. I’m of the opinion that a single Catholic who is serious about his/her faith is much more likely to meet a compatible mate through the church than at a typical “meat market” bar or gym. Many parishes organize “Young Professionals” groups that facilitate socializing with like-minded individuals, though they are not specifically aimed at matchmaking.

  2. 2 klazy

    THANK YOU!!! My mother doesn’t seem to think it should bother me. She says “Church is wonderful place to meet good men”… I don’t go to church to be hit on. I go to church to focus on God.

    Why do men do this? I had to leave a church that I had been attending for years b/c I felt so uncomfortable. This one particular gentleman would “check me out” for the duration of the service. Even when I sat across the room, by the end of the service he would “magically” appear within very close proximity. He was like a stalker. I couldn’t go there anymore. It was so distracting, irritating, and downright rude.

    I thought the new church I’ve been going 2 would be different… HA! Now I have this guy who decided that it was his duty to walk me to my car after every service. Asking me weird questions and if I’ll be staying or when I’m coming back. When I get there in the morning… he waits in his car until I get out of mine. As soon as I open my car door, he opens his. And he acts like “Wow! What a coincidence!!! The two of us here… It must be destiny… it’s the will of God” …It’s scary.

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