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How true. B1 would have never gone into the National Guard if he’d been able to afford school on his own. So he did. And now he’s on his second tour of duty in Mosul. Granted, things could be worse, he could be in Baghdad. Its not hard to see how things could be worse. […]

I learned something very important this week. I’ve finally hit that point in my academic career where I can make an assertion about what a given text says and support it with examples from the text. Instead of supporting it with examples from what some one else wrote X many years ago, that isn’t entirely […]

I want to know who decided that it would be a good idea to knight Salman Rushdie. Apparently, Tony Blair gave his rubber stamp of approval, though he was damned either way. If he’d said no, he’d be appeasing people, and now that he’s said yes, I wouldn’t be surprised to see another fatwa out […]

Tattoos, vol. 2


I’ve been thinking about what tattoos I want to get and where to put them… Right now I’m up to three, most of which will take up the top four inches of my back. Although one of them will be quite small and probably go just below my collar bone on the left side. They […]

I want to get another tattoo. Currently I have one, a crow on the middle of my back, that’s there purely for me, because other than my husband, no one’s going to see it. And I got it after I was a fully practicing member of the Church. I’m conflicted however. I’ve got 9 holes […]

I don’t look like I should be a masters student, at least not an MA in theology student. Maybe an MFA, or something such. I look like a professional slacker, or so I’ve been told. My boss has a had time reconciling what I look like and what he knows I am. I think its […]