Tattoos and Catholicism


I want to get another tattoo. Currently I have one, a crow on the middle of my back, that’s there purely for me, because other than my husband, no one’s going to see it.

And I got it after I was a fully practicing member of the Church.

I’m conflicted however. I’ve got 9 holes in my ears and a tattoo, so obviously I’m not completely against changing my appearance in some way. But what does the Church teach about tattoos? Does she teach anything? The one I already have meant a lot to me when I got it, and I am still glad that I got it. I want to teach theology, so its not going to be something that couldn’t be hidden later…or disrespectful in some way. I just don’t know what to think.

Looking around the Catholic forums has given me a headache. Anyone out there in the blog sphere have a good answer? (one that preferably doesn’t include scanning pages of mindless drivel and generalizations about people with tattoos? PLEASE?)


2 Responses to “Tattoos and Catholicism”

  1. There aren’t any specific teachings in the Roman Catholic church on tattoos. The Church doesn’t specifically prohibit tattoos in general but obviously the tattoo that you get shouldn’t reflect anything contrary to Catholic doctrine (murder, violence, etc.) or show disrespect to the human body.

  2. Ah yes, it would help if I included the link ;-)


    Issue: What is the teaching of the Church on tattoos and body piercing?

    Response: Tattoos and acts of body piercing are not intrinsically evil. The Church offers principles by which Catholics can discern whether it is sinful to be tattooed or have one’s body pierced in particular situations.

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