Someone could have told me sooner…


I learned something very important this week.

I’ve finally hit that point in my academic career where I can make an assertion about what a given text says and support it with examples from the text.

Instead of supporting it with examples from what some one else wrote X many years ago, that isn’t entirely related to what I want to talk about.

I can argue from the primary sources themselves. I was ecstatic when I learned that. what could be better than actually thinking for myself?

Which begs the questions:

a. Why didn’t anyone tell me sooner?
b. Is this true for all of my classes, or only the ones above the 700 level?
c. Why doesn’t Grad school come with a manual?? According to husband, some of them do. However, I don’t go to a school big enough to warrant a manual. There aren’t enough of us.

I’ve finished my paper, I’ve turned in a hard copy, and I’m done until September. WOOT! And I’m 1/3 of the way through to program! *happy dance*


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