Today is July 4th. Which to most people means its time to BBQ and celebrate the nation’s heritage.

Not around here. We have ridiculously strict laws about fireworks so people go and buy them en masse across the state line a year in advance. I mean by the car/truck/crate load. Now, I’m all for setting off fireworks, but setting off car alarms is a whole nother thing. That’s just annoying.

The biggest thing legal here is an M-80. Not that big. The people down the block are setting off fireworks big enough to set off the car alarms in the neighborhood. Husband thinks they’re full and half sticks of dynamite. I don’t agree, but then, its hard to come by things here that make that kind of noise, and there has to be some kind of concussive shock to set off the car alarms.

I’ve always wanted to experiment with fireworks, but their only one state competition per year, and you have to be licensed by the state to participate.

I suppose ranting about fireworks is better than making cynical comments about the state of the nation.


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