Random bullets of S**t that needs to be done:


Summer’s half gone edition

  • Buy a new laptop before school starts again. The old Dell isn’t going to make it that far, and the fact that i can’t update it is getting annoying. Did that last night with husband. Its a pretty kick’n computer if i do say so myself. The only down side is waiting the 3 weeks till it gets here.
  • Register for classes. I want to take three classes each of the next two terms, so that by the end of may next year, I will be 12, (yes, 12 credits including thesis), away from graduating.
  • I want to take Church History I, Latin, and Eucharist.
    • Related:
      • Email Mr. Advisor Man and ask if its at all possible for an MA student to take an M.Div class. Because if not, i need to implement plans B and C.
        • Plan B: argue for why it would be beneficial to an MA student to take Eucharist: summit and center of the faith and all that.
        • Plan C: Ask to take a directed reading course. In the Eucharist. Which hopefully makes them see that it would be better to just let me in the class instead of finding a professor to teach just me
  • Buy a House. Not just any house, THE HOUSE. The one we’ve been procrastinating about since there was snow on the ground. I hope its still there.
  • Talk to the mortgage man about finances and crap of that nature.
  • Go visit everyone in Alma matter city and hang out with Doc before we both get sucked back into the hell that is the beginning of the semester.
  • Organize my time for the fall and request necessary days off. Done-ish. I’m really not sure how its all going to work, because of 8 credits and a mostly full time job and 9th graders.
  • Plan how things are going to work while boss(es) and ½ the shop are in Vegas for Trade Show that I refuse to go to, purely because it is in Vegas. Also because of School and teaching conflicts.

I know there’s more. There’s always more. But i can’t think of it.


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