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As Ali Eteraz points out, its been almost a year since the Pope’s Regensburg lecture. I should remember, we waisted so much class time talking about it, that three months later, we covered three weeks of stuff in one night. The part I find interesting isn’t that he’s posting about it now, but what he […]

Oh holy crap. I’m so not ready for the semester to start. Its still august, that means I’ve got time, right? Uh, no, not so much. Things I still need to do before next Wednesday: Register for classes. Get email confirmation from Advisor-Man about the two classes I am taking now that I can’t take […]

Tomorrow is my 25th birthday. One quarter of one century. Its not that I’m feeling old, on the contrary, I’m feeling quite young. But I also feel like I should have accomplished more in the last five years especially. I’ve graduated form college, gotten married, helped raise the munchkins, and begun working on my Masters. […]

B is a Baptist, and has been thinking about converting to Catholicism. Which is wonderful to me, every time I think about it, because I honestly never thought it would happen. But we still have some differing opinions about things like dispensationalism, the rapture, the Pope, Mary, and the real presence of Christ in the […]

I’m rather unhappy with my advisor at the moment. I emailed him yesterday to talk about classes for the fall, and the one I didn’t think I was allowed to take, I’m not. Which, ok, fine. I understand, even if I’m not happy. What really pissed me off was the fact that he completely disregarded […]

Tuesday was the unofficial beginning of the Confirmation mentoring program. Officially I guess it begins next Tuesday, when we have student orientation. I think there’s a lot of untapped something that goes along with Confirmation. We pointed out to the parents, that, really, you HAVE TO GO TO MASS EVERY SUNDAY, or everything your kid […]

I’ve been reading the posts on eteraz about praying in other faiths houses of worship. I’m Catholic. Realistically, almost everyone i see on a regular basis is also Catholic, or nothing at all. There are some notable exceptions. B is technically Baptist, and so is our friend K, but B’s not so much the practicing […]