The hair on my head, and a brightly coloured scarf.


Lately my hair and I haven’t been getting along. Its exhibiting characteristics I was hoping to avoid until I was MUCH older. Since that doesn’t seem to be the case, I’ve taken to hiding it. I could wear a hat, but my ears stick out funny when I wear hats. I have big ears, but they’re stuck to my head pretty well. When I wear a hat, I have to either tuck them under the cap, which I can’t do anymore because of the cartilage piercing I have, or they stick way the hell out and look twice as big as they already are, and I’m not cool with that.

So I’ve been taking a 58″ square piece of fabric, or a square scarf, folding it into a triangle, and gathering it behind my head to twist into a giant bun at the nape of my neck. I look like either a pirate or a hippie or a little of both.

Surprisingly, no one has really said anything. It seems that everyone expects something like this out of me. B’s a little worried that I’m attracting more attention than I should be because its unexpected. Honestly, the looks are easier for me to deal with than my hair. Says a lot about my hair huh? My mother in law thinks I should get some big dangly gold hoops and look like I’m Puerto Rican. No, thanks, I’m seven shades of pale, and would never pass for anything other than some weird European mutt. My mother in law could do it, but then she was born in Puerto Rico.

Neither of my bosses really paid much attention. So I will probably continue to wear it this way for a while. My only concern is what to do with my hair for the wedding. Some friends from work are getting married in two weeks, (when another friend from another job is having her baby shower, grrr, I want to go to both) and I don’t think I will be able to pull off the hair tied up like a gypsy for that.

I’m not sure about wearing it that way to church either, but I keep coming up with a very Pauline explanation for doing so. Women had to cover their heads because their hair was seen as a symbol of their sexuality and sensuality, and therefore distracting. Well, my hair isn’t distracting everyone else, but it distracts me, does that count?

I’m honestly not surprised this is the route I took to deal with my hair. I’ve long wanted to hide it under cloth, for no apparent reason. It makes me feel more confident now, but originally I wanted to do it for something different, and because it would be less work. Which isn’t true. Getting the cloth twisted right and tucked just perfectly so that it doesn’t come undone is far harder than putting my hair in a bun and being done with it.


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