Archive for August 15th, 2007

Tuesday was the unofficial beginning of the Confirmation mentoring program. Officially I guess it begins next Tuesday, when we have student orientation. I think there’s a lot of untapped something that goes along with Confirmation. We pointed out to the parents, that, really, you HAVE TO GO TO MASS EVERY SUNDAY, or everything your kid […]

I’ve been reading the posts on eteraz about praying in other faiths houses of worship. I’m Catholic. Realistically, almost everyone i see on a regular basis is also Catholic, or nothing at all. There are some notable exceptions. B is technically Baptist, and so is our friend K, but B’s not so much the practicing […]

So, today was my mother in law’s 62nd birthday, and we took her and the munchkins out to dinner. At Red Lobster. I don’t eat shell fish. In fact the only fish I do eat tend to be deep fried white fish and tuna. Mostly under duress during Lent. Its not that I don’t like […]