Praying somewhere other than the Church


I’ve been reading the posts on eteraz about praying in other faiths houses of worship. I’m Catholic. Realistically, almost everyone i see on a regular basis is also Catholic, or nothing at all. There are some notable exceptions. B is technically Baptist, and so is our friend K, but B’s not so much the practicing Baptist. Which is fine, but I would really like to experience Friday Prayers. I’ve always been fascinated by Islam, and really, if I had stayed outside the Catholic Church, I would have probably looked to Islam for meaning.

I have a profound respect for the submission to Allah. And as I’ve mentioned in a previous post, the takbīr makes me jealous. Its simple, and easy to meditate on, and yet, so deeply profound at the same time. I want to know more about Islam, and I would be profoundly grateful for the opportunity, but it feels weird to ask.

One of the women who I used to sort of work with, is a devout Muslim, and I was thinking about asking her.

But I’m not sure, and I don’t want her to misinterpret why I’m asking.


One Response to “Praying somewhere other than the Church”

  1. Hi there, I came to your blog from your comment on Eteraz’s. I submitted an entry to his series called “Catholic Islam”, which is here: I’m a 20-something practicing Muslim woman lawyer (wonder how many more ways I can label myself, ha!) and since I have a lot of respect for and fondness of Catholicism, I thought it would be interesting to converse with a Catholic who has the same for Islam. Would love to answer any questions if you want. My email is Take care!

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