Feeling strange.


B is a Baptist, and has been thinking about converting to Catholicism. Which is wonderful to me, every time I think about it, because I honestly never thought it would happen.

But we still have some differing opinions about things like dispensationalism, the rapture, the Pope, Mary, and the real presence of Christ in the Eucharist. Every time I try to explain the Real Presence, I sound like either a cannibal, or like Christ’s saving act wasn’t enough. It makes perfect sense to me how the Eucharistic celebration makes us present to Christ’s experience of dying on the cross, but I can’t articulate it any better than this, and I’m beginning to think I never will. The other issue we tend to have is the literalistic historical interpretation of the Bible that’s common in a lot of protestant circles.

I don’t know how historically accurate the first eleven chapters of Genesis are, but I know that anything with any real bearing on my faith is accurate. I don’t think that Moses wrote the Pentateuch, but thats got more to do with thinking he didn’t physically write it down than thinking he can’t be the origin of the stories found there. In large part, there are things I don’t know, and haven’t had the opportunity to study that I may never fully understand, but they are things that with all of the ability I have, I ascent to, because they are my faith.

On a completely unrelated note, I keep trying to read the “His Dark Materials” series, and not getting through it at all.


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