bithdays and such


Tomorrow is my 25th birthday. One quarter of one century. Its not that I’m feeling old, on the contrary, I’m feeling quite young.

But I also feel like I should have accomplished more in the last five years especially. I’ve graduated form college, gotten married, helped raise the munchkins, and begun working on my Masters. Sure, that’s not all I’ve done. I went to World Youth Day twice, in Toronto and Germany, I voted against King George II, I’ve worked approximately forty hours every week since graduation, I’ve stage managed shows, held four different jobs, and watched my grandmother die.

What sticks out to me most? I work. All the time.

Followed close second by Gram’s death. I know that eventually it will get easier, but as I contemplate having children, I will forever be disappointed that they couldn’t know her, and worried that I’m not making her proud enough. Strange thoughts for a birthday post. But they are the thoughts in my head none the less.

In an hour, I have to introduce myself to the 9th graders we’ll be mentoring this year, some of whom I taught as seventh graders, when I realized that yes, please let me teach adults. Which is in a weird way, what I’m doing. Confirmation is the last of the sacraments of Initiation, and after this these kids will be adults in the Church. And with any luck, the Church will be the better for it.

Happy birthday to me. Hopefully the next quarter century is as wild a ride as the first.


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