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I’m beginning to think that slightly depressed may be the normal working order for me. Its not that I’m really depressed, just I’m not ever happy. I can be content, and I can laugh a lot, but really truly happy, even in moments when I know I should probably be, I’m not. And I’ve got […]

I’ve decided that in adition to the tattoos I already have planned, I think I want one on my wrist. For the simple fact that they are usually small, close at hand (haha) and I want atleast one I can see and hide easily. (Side note, why on earth would the internet software at SUCS […]

retreat weekend


This weekend was the 9th grade confirmation retreat. I love this retreat. I’ve been on it so many times I’ve lost count, and I can’t remember what happens in what order because it has evolved a little over time. I miss the clown ministry most. If I could do whatever I wanted for a while […]



I’m a Nerd God. I’m not really surprised. In high school i masquraded as a science nerd, and could have played a math nerd without much help, even if I’m really bad at Calc, I love aljebra. (You know, math I might actually use…) And I have proof.