retreat weekend


This weekend was the 9th grade confirmation retreat. I love this retreat. I’ve been on it so many times I’ve lost count, and I can’t remember what happens in what order because it has evolved a little over time. I miss the clown ministry most.

If I could do whatever I wanted for a while I would buy a run-down catholic school, convert part of it to dorm style living, and open a retreat center to do clown ministry and confirmation retreats a-la this weekend.

The kids enjoyed it immensely. They always do. And they never cease to amaze us. They were a little slow on the uptake at the beginning, when it came to figuring out how to live their Christian faith and get rewarded. Yes. We bribe them to get them to do things like hold doors and clear tables, but they actually do walk away from the retreat more willing to do those things when we meet on Tuesdays.

We divided them into their table groups. Seven kids and one mentor per table. And that is honestly the hardest part every year. Trying, with the limited knowledge we have of them, to put them with the right mentor, because we all have very different styles and to put them with the right group of peers.

And I will eat my words. I was dreading this group, because I’d taught them when they were 7th graders and that was murder on my part. I was not happy, and it was a bad fit. And everything was going weird in YM that year, and yeah. I swore one of them would not be at my table. And he is. And I requested him. I think its going to be interesting. Very interesting. But it’s been two years, and they’re mostly in high school, or the last year of jr. high/middle school.

But I am proud. Almost all of my 7th graders are in the 9th grade program.

We start next week. Pray for my patience please.

Any suggestions on helping them learn to pray are greatly appreciated.


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