Tattoos, again and unrelated. Mostly.


I’ve decided that in adition to the tattoos I already have planned, I think I want one on my wrist. For the simple fact that they are usually small, close at hand (haha) and I want atleast one I can see and hide easily.

(Side note, why on earth would the internet software at SUCS block Google Docs & Spreadsheets? Where else am I suppsoed to write a blog post when the computer doesn’t even have Word?)

I’m still torn as to what to get tattooed where and what kind of reaction my 9th graders might have if I forget to cover the tattoo some night? I honestly never thought I’d be thinking in these terms: What kind of impact will this have on my ability to sucessfully minister to these kids? Will they learn modesty from this, or will they think that excessive tatoos are ok?

Mostly because I never seriously considered ministy of any kind something I wanted to do. I vaguely wanted to be a youth minister, but I’m incapable of telling someone not to do something when its something I was most definitly engaged in when I was their age. I was drawn to youth ministry, and I think the reason that I prefer high school aged students, because youth ministry was the first thing that drew me back to the chuch. I’d been going with my parents for a long time, and their parish had no youth group because of the grade school. Well, the ministry I was getting there and at my Catholic high school weren’t engagin at all. They were preachy and looked down on us because we were young.

I hope we’re not like that.

Lots changes when you have no $$ and teach to get the diocese help you pay for school.


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