The computers are SH*TE!


I’ve got time to kill between classes, and I frequently spend it in the corner of the computer lab trying to play with my blog. I say trying because no matter what I’m trying to do, it doesn’t let me. We don’t use Firefox here at SUCS. And its annoying as all get out. Worpress and IE7 (or really anything and IE7) do not agree. So I’ve got free time and no way to try to fix the category/tag thing I screwed up 10 minutes ago. I open the posts, and go to change or add categories, and what happens? I crash IE7. Happiness is Firefox.

And free caffine. Which is where I’m going when I’m done with this blog post. I had meant to blog about going to the Solonus Casey center on Sunday with the ninth graders, but currently I’m too pissed off to do that. It’ll have to wait until I’m done with class and ready to thing introspectively, because I know it impacted me hugely. I don’t know how much the ninth graders got, but I’ll find that out tomorrow when we meet again.

When its busy, its really busy.

So, no categories on this one. Because I’m not in the mood to crash the browser again.

And its not like I could try to download Firefox while I’m here, SUCS has the whole Mozzila domain blocked.


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