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I should post something substantial. Bu I don’t want to talk about it. I want to curl up in a corner with my angst filled girl music and make it all go away. Advertisements



I’ve been thinking about media and perception, and the self censorship that’s gone on through a lot of the Bush administration, and I can’t help thinking that censorship in the media is a bad thing. I’m not talking foul language or nipples (though I don’t get the big deal there). I’m talking about censoring the […]

I decided that today was a good day to hit the evening Sunday liturgy at St. R. Not because I like it in any way, but because it breaks up the paper from hell. (And I over slept this morning) And I’m really hoping we pray the full penitential prayer. I like it. And I […]

Its been a long time since I procrastinated like this. I’ve got 750 words of my 2000 word paper on Augustine done, and I honestly could care less right now. I hate my topic, and I’m suffering end of semester crap. It will get done, and so will, God willing, most of my Latin homework, […]

I should go back to my paper, and I will momentarily, after I get the remaining bottle of coke out of my car before it freezes, and after I blog about Thanksgiving. Wednesday it started. I went over to my parents house, and dove into baking. Thirty onion rolls and twenty eight sweet rolls later, […]

I want kids. A startling realization for me, in part because I now want kids almost as much as I want my PhD. Which, five years ago would have been unheard of, and five months ago was still pretty much a non-starter. Forgive the randomness that I’m sure will ensue here, but that’s what happens […]

When I was in high school, it must have been my sophomore year; I really wanted to be Catholic. But, my parents’ parish, Grade School Parish (GSP), just wasn’t cutting it. There was no youth group, and I’d known the priest since I was 9, and suddenly that just wasn’t cool anymore. Not that it […]