Christopher Pike!


I can’t remember the last time I read a Christopher Pike book, but I devoured them between the ages of slightly-too-young and pre-teen. I think i started reading them in third grade. (says something that I turned out even minutely normal.)

Anyway, Natalia Antonova has a great post about Christopher Pike books, and its a very worthy read. And for me, at least, a wonderful trip to childhood.

“Pike’s plots accurately capture the helplessness of being acutely self-aware, but too young and inexperienced to escape trouble. Like many of the good fairy-tales, his stories are often concerned with the idea of growing up. Arising from the same tradition as pricking spindles, Pike’s monsters drag their screaming victims into adulthood. Survive, and you become that much stronger.


One Response to “Christopher Pike!”

  1. Hey! And I thought I was all alone in my Pike-dom around these parts! I think people who start reading Pike early turn out better than the rest of it, actually. And thanks for the link-love. :))))

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