Thursday Thirteen #1

Thirteen Things I love about Halloween

1. Dressing up in costumes, especially the ones my mom made for me, or the ones we made as kids. (I still have the Ghost costume I wore a couple of times)
2. Trick-or-Treating with friends in all of out neighborhoods as teenagers.
3. Decorating for Halloween
4. Satisfying my craving for caramel and candy apples and other Halloween treats.
5. Giving out candy for my parents.
6. Helping the kids get dressed to go trick-or-treating.
7. Amazing them with my willingness to paint them up for the fun of it.
8. Indulging in my obsession with all things Vampire, the one time of year it doesn’t creep people out.
9. Bon-fires and scary stories
10. October 30th is Devil’s Angle’s Night around here
11. Making costumes
12. wondering whether or not I’ll be warm or cool enough in my costume depending on the year.
13. Candy. Especially bulk bags of it on November 1.

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5 Responses to “Thursday Thirteen #1”

  1. what a cool list..I would love to make a costume but I lack the creativity

  2. Great TT!! Welcome to the TT club, too! I love the layout of your blog. Will be bookmarking to visit again, too. I’m doing NaBloPoMo this year. Check me out.

  3. 4 sleepingmommy

    I’m with you on several of these. And some of them are a little surprising for a theology grad student (vampires, huh?)

    I think one of my favorite things (before I had kids) was always the handing out of the candy.

    Happy TT and I hope you will visit mine:

  1. 1 Thursday 13…. « raining on my parade

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