Thusday Thirteen #2


Thirteen Reasons no one thinks I’m a Theology grad student.

1. I look like a __________________. Insert word of choice here, anything from slacker, skater, punk, theatre nerd, goth, to perpetual college student. When I’m not explicitly trying to look professional, I look like I work in a bike shop, and don’t care about my toes.
2. I would rather read mediocre fiction than good scholarly books and articles. I love fiction, and reading is my escape, so given the option, I will probably pick the fiction first.
3. I’m female. I’m not sure how this plays in other places at different schools in different theology programs, but at SUCS, I’m the only one in my program.
4. I have nine ear piercings, six in the left ear, three in the right, and I have contemplated at least one more.
5. I’ve got a tattoo, of a crow, and I will likely have more than one more before I get a faculty gig.
6. Sometimes, though less now that we have the munchkins, I swear enough to make sailors, and bike shop employees blush.
7. I have an inherent and mildly obvious anti-establishment and anti-authority streak.
8. I listen to rock music, loud. Complete with swearing. I do turn the radio down when I get to campus.
9. I work in a bike shop.
10. I am, as I mentioned last week, obsessed with vampires in fiction and pop culture. And folklore, actually the folk lore part fascinated me enough to attempt to write a history paper on it at Alumni College.
11. Recently, I bleached a chunk or my hair. Ok, not that outrageous. I then dyed it pink. Bright pink.
12. Since I am a female in a male dominated field, most people assume that I’ve got to be a militant feminist, complete with a Marxist liberation theology to boot. Nope. I don’t think I could get any further away from ‘feminist’ theology if I tried.
13. I write fiction, sci-fi, fantasy, vampires, Hades (the god, not the place) and other various and sundry things that don’t fit with the idea of a theology grad student.

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One Response to “Thusday Thirteen #2”

  1. haha awesome
    im not sure i have a picture in my head of what a theology grad student looks like though

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