Weekend Roundup


I spent the weekend (Saturday night through Monday afternoon, because that’s what constitutes a weekend for me) in Alumni City. It was good fun, though a fair change from previously. And I learned something very important. Getting very little sleep for two nights in a row and then sitting through Church History and Latin on Monday night was not the best of plans.

Be and K have a cute HUGE apartment on the NW side of Alumni City. Its adorable, had lots of character, some interesting neighbors, and the world’s crappiest bathroom. Where you must either take a bath, or kneel to wash hair. I could barely kneel, since I’ve got at least 6″ in K and a good 3″ on Be. It was good to see the two of them, though the roommate dynamics are interesting to say the least. They get on well, though I’m not sure they’re the first people I’d choose as roommates.

It was a fun time. I needed the break, even though it was at the expense of time to work on my paper, it was now or not until after Christmas.

I had some really good quesadillas on Saturday night. MMMM tasty. And in true to me form, I put salt on them. Because they needed something else, and I don’t do salsa. I usually stay with the Doc Family when I’m in Alumni city. This is the first time in ages that I did stay there and not with him. However dinner on Saturday night was with him and Mrs. Doc, some of their relatives, Be and K and I. Doc is Be’s father. That has led to some interesting interplay with the family, especially since I’ve known Doc longer.

Apparently Doc is teaching an elective class next fall that covers the same things my elective class will cover in January. Nifty. He knows about as much about the subject as I do right now. That’s a VERY comforting feeling. Even after almost seven years, the man still intimidates me. I’m pretty certain that he should be teaching at a bigger school and having more fun. And impacting way more people’s lives. But then I might not have had him, and I certainly wouldn’t have gotten my undergrad in Theology. I owe a ridiculous amount to him. And I’m immensely grateful that he was my advisor and is my mentor.

K is a phenomenal cook. I don’t know if I’ll make it for the 1st annual BeK Christmas Extravaganza, so K made Thanksgiving dinner for the three of us. Turkey, stuffing, potatoes, green bean casserole, rolls, gravy and pie made for quite the dinner. I’d never had green bean casserole before and it was very yummy. Especially with more salt.


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