We have a really kick-ass organ


Why not use it?

That may be the million dollar question at the Saint of my Choice Parish. We built a new church seven years ago. And in the process, paid what most parishioners thought at the time was a ridiculous amount of money for a used organ. But we used it, at least twice during every mass in the main church; entrance and recessional music were always accompanied by the organ, and tended to be on the traditional side of liturgical music. Weekday masses in the chapel are a separate matter.

Since we got a new music minister at SmCP, the organ has been used at mass twice. I can be amenable to piano music. I can’t be amenable to piano and guitar and bass and whatever else has been accompanying the piano lately. Can I please have my not-so-great-but-at-least-prayerful music back? Or at least stop singing Advent music before Advent? Oh, and almost no one in the parish can sing in that high of a key. NO ONE. We’re all altos and tenors. Everyone who might be a soprano, they’re already in choir and not at the mass I go to.

So, please, drop it at least an octave, maybe two.

Ugh. This wasn’t supposed to be a rant, but that seems to be what its become. Some of the better discussion I’ve seen of liturgical music can be found over at Fr Dwight Longenecker’s blog, “Standing on my Head.” My favorite from the two posts on liturgical music is this quote:

“More Catholics–it seems to me–simply endure what the well meaning liturgists and contemporary church musicians foist upon them.”

That’s what music at mass has felt like the past couple of weeks. I’d like to foist it back on out music minister and ask her what the heck she thinks we’re getting out of mass this way.

Oh, and I hate ‘Praise and Worship’ music.


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