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Merry Christmas. I’ve spent the past three days doing nothing but cooking and a fair bit of eating what we cooked. I think I broke my toe. It hurts like a mo-fo, and its a nasty shade of purple. I went to Alumni city on Saturday morning, and had breakfast twice at the best breakfast […]

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Final Part 1


Today is my Church History I final. Which feels curiously more like a midterm in high school than a masters level final. I think that’s because I know we’re all going to come back again next semester. It’s nice to have some continuity, and it’s what the boys have every year, but as a lay […]

Basically, it comes down to the fact my alter ego has been blogging a fair bit for work, and I’ve not wanted to really blog for me. Oh, and I’ve go wicked fierce insomnia, but more on that later. • I got the paper that had become a huge time suck back, and with two […]

The Harbinger of DOOM That’s what D, my coworker, and I have nicknamed one of the bosses The Harbinger of DOOM! It seems so fitting a name for him. I don’t even want to talk about it, but either way I slice it, my job is not super secure at the moment. I’m going to […]