RBOC End of another Semester Edition


Basically, it comes down to the fact my alter ego has been blogging a fair bit for work, and I’ve not wanted to really blog for me. Oh, and I’ve go wicked fierce insomnia, but more on that later.

• I got the paper that had become a huge time suck back, and with two minor grammatical errors, I was pretty proud. I got an A. I’m not sure if the lack of comments on the paper are because of my subject matter, or it really was that good. I lean towards the fact I pushed the boundary of what I could write about.
• My paper topic was on St. Augustine and Knowledge of God: From Manacheanism and Neo-Platonism to Divine Illumination.
• I learned, the night before I finished the paper, that the single hardest theory in Augustine to learn is, you guessed it, Divine Illumination. I wish I had heeded Fr J’s advice when he said in rather veiled terms, ‘that’s ambitious.’
• Doc is teaching a topical course in the fall on the same thing I’m taking as a topical course in the spring. That should lead to lots of fun.
• The husband has started calling me Pinky. So I’ve started calling him Brain.
• Brain got a new job. He starts on January 7. I’m so ridiculously overjoyed. And a little worried. Change is good right?
• Monday is my final. It will be the great equalizer amongst my classmates and me. I don’t talk much in class and some of the boys, I think, underestimate me and frequently seem to forget I’m in the class.

More later, after the final, and the impending snowstorm.


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