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But I think it’s important anyway. The liturgical reform that Benedict has (searching for the right word…) begun? instituted? inspired? makes me a little weary. Not because I think the grass is as green as the ordinary time vestments and we don’t need change, in fact we do. I admit that, and I have no […]

So I’m going to visit Prospective PhD School #1 in March. Its way too expensive to fly, ($500) and I really don’t want to drive the 9 hours by my self. The Brain can’t come with me, he’s got to work. So the question becomes, Amtrak or Megabus? Amtrak comes to a little over $100 […]

meme things


1. Father went to college 2. Father finished college 3. Mother went to college 4. Mother finished college 5. Have any relative who is an attorney, physician, or professor 6. Were the same or higher class than your high school teachers 7. Had more than 50 books in your childhood home 8. Had more than […]

Well then.


I just found out that my friend Be is engaged. I’m happy for her, I really am. And I’ve got nothing to say about marrying someone who’s not Catholic. Brain is still Baptist. And we’re happy. But Be’s dad, well lets just say he’s not as supportive of marrying someone who’s not Catholic as my […]

Tomorrow is the Michigan Primary, and I don’t care. Yep, the status quo has returned. I’ve got 300 pages of reading for the next week, a class I haven’t even read the syllabus for and the itch to be more creative. And spring break to plan. I was going to visit CA again this year, […]

Michigan decided that instead of holding the presidential primary when they have historically, (which, honestly, I don’t remember when it was) they would move it to earlier in the primary season. I would like to make it very clea: Voters in Michigan were never given the opportunity to voice an opinion about the date of […]

An Open Letter to the DNC Thanks for disenfranchising me. What? I’ve still got the right to vote? Yes. I do. I would like to point out to you, however that there is a difference between a theoretical right and an actual right. If I had no way to get to the poles on Tuesday, […]