I blog about religion and politics, the religion of politics, and the politics of religion. So this probably isn’t polite dinner conversation.

Politics and religion share space with history philosophy and literature as my great academic loves.

I’m a mid-twenty-something theology student at the local seminary, Small Urban Campus Seminary (SUCS), studying for an MA in Theology with concentrations in Historical and Systematic Theology. I’ve got entirely too many opinions about life in general, and I like it that way. I’ve always struggled with my choice to be Catholic, and I assume I always will. That doesn’t stop me from loving the Church.

I want to know everything there is to know about most of what I study, so much so that when I wrote a paper on a passage from Deuteronomy, I taught myself to read the passage in Hebrew. (My husband keeps reminding me that I’d be teaching if I came anywhere near that goal.)

I will read almost anything that sits in front of me for too long. I read compulsively. Once I pick a book up and it has my concentration, I can do nothing else productively until its over. Sometimes until the whole series is over. If this continues much longer, I’m going to fail the semester over a book, which is an ongoing problem for me.

I’m trying to balance work, family, and the rest of life without frying something. I don’t know if I’m succeeding…

And I talk to myself so I can concentrate.


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