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I want kids. A startling realization for me, in part because I now want kids almost as much as I want my PhD. Which, five years ago would have been unheard of, and five months ago was still pretty much a non-starter. Forgive the randomness that I’m sure will ensue here, but that’s what happens […]

I find the seminary’s decsion to offer soda to the populace for free wonderful. There’s no way I’d make it through Latin tonight without the caffeine. It also makes me wonder how much caffination the seminary students consume. I know, not really related to anything other than my curiosity, and severe dependance on the stuff […]

We’re NFP practitioners, of the ‘no kids now’ variety, also of the ‘wing and a prayer’ variety. We’re open to having children, but it’s not something we can do right now. NFP wasn’t our first choice of birth control methods, because of medical reasons on my part. However because of other medical reasons, it became […]