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Michigan decided that instead of holding the presidential primary when they have historically, (which, honestly, I don’t remember when it was) they would move it to earlier in the primary season. I would like to make it very clea: Voters in Michigan were never given the opportunity to voice an opinion about the date of […]

An Open Letter to the DNC Thanks for disenfranchising me. What? I’ve still got the right to vote? Yes. I do. I would like to point out to you, however that there is a difference between a theoretical right and an actual right. If I had no way to get to the poles on Tuesday, […]



I’ve been thinking about media and perception, and the self censorship that’s gone on through a lot of the Bush administration, and I can’t help thinking that censorship in the media is a bad thing. I’m not talking foul language or nipples (though I don’t get the big deal there). I’m talking about censoring the […]

In the description of my blog on the side bar, it says that I blog about religion and politics, in all their not-a-dinner-table-conversation glory (gore?).  And that’s always been what I wanted to blog about, because in the world I find myself in, lacking in knowledge of either realm means you’re pretty much not with […]

No, I can’t. I read a wide variety of blogs, everything from liberal academics to conservative and not so conservative Catholics and Muslims blogging about life. Some of my favorites are actually Between Hope & Fear and Tradicionalista. (I also read Ali Eteraz, but Muse and Sacrosanct are female, and I want that perspective more.) […]

I’m not pro-choice. I was once, and it just didn’t sit right with me. I didn’t come to the realization that abortion was wrong, per se. I came to see that I couldn’t support abortion for the same reason I couldn’t support the death penalty. Its not my choice, or anyone else’s for that matter, […]

As Ali Eteraz points out, its been almost a year since the Pope’s Regensburg lecture. I should remember, we waisted so much class time talking about it, that three months later, we covered three weeks of stuff in one night. The part I find interesting isn’t that he’s posting about it now, but what he […]