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I want kids. A startling realization for me, in part because I now want kids almost as much as I want my PhD. Which, five years ago would have been unheard of, and five months ago was still pretty much a non-starter. Forgive the randomness that I’m sure will ensue here, but that’s what happens […]

I’ve decided that anything I post about prayer from now on will share this title. Why? Because I’m on a quest to find prayer I can say routinely and regularly and contributes to my growth as a theologian and a Catholic. I sucked it up and ordered Christian Prayer from Amazon. It came with the […]

-Yitzak Rabin There is no path to peace. The path is peace. I had hoped that by the time I got to blog about the document sent to B16, he would have at least acknowledged receiving it. Personally acknowledged, not through a secretary. I have a profound respect for B16 because he is my pope. […]

retreat weekend


This weekend was the 9th grade confirmation retreat. I love this retreat. I’ve been on it so many times I’ve lost count, and I can’t remember what happens in what order because it has evolved a little over time. I miss the clown ministry most. If I could do whatever I wanted for a while […]

Tuesday was the unofficial beginning of the Confirmation mentoring program. Officially I guess it begins next Tuesday, when we have student orientation. I think there’s a lot of untapped something that goes along with Confirmation. We pointed out to the parents, that, really, you HAVE TO GO TO MASS EVERY SUNDAY, or everything your kid […]

I’ve been reading the posts on eteraz about praying in other faiths houses of worship. I’m Catholic. Realistically, almost everyone i see on a regular basis is also Catholic, or nothing at all. There are some notable exceptions. B is technically Baptist, and so is our friend K, but B’s not so much the practicing […]