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I don’t look like I should be a masters student, at least not an MA in theology student. Maybe an MFA, or something such. I look like a professional slacker, or so I’ve been told. My boss has a had time reconciling what I look like and what he knows I am. I think its […]



Thus begins another summer of what Doc likes to call “church shopping.” Not that I want to leave the Catholic church, (I tried that once, but I know this is where the truth is and couldn’t leave if I tried, but that’s a different post) but preaching isn’t a gift that every pastor has, certainly […]

I have a very high Christology. The Word became flesh and dwelt among us. Which also means that I am a very high Church Catholic. I like high mass, I like ritual and tradition, and I feel safe within the institution, despite her flaws. But I didn’t get here from a religious experience; I came […]



I’m not normally vindictive or vengeful or anything like that. But there’s specific places in front of my apartment where you can’t park. Because there’s a turn lane, and what not, and it’s really easy to hit the cars that are illegally parked. I called the nonemergency number, and they sent a cop out finally. […]

Rules: Write 10 random/odd habits or facts about yourself. Then tag 10 people and have them do the same. All great fun 1. I’m a hippy. Not in the pot-smoking 70’s tie-dyed way, but because I am fundamentally opposed to war and violence. 2. I am obsessed with Alan Rickman. Especially Alan Rickman as Severus […]