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Well then.


I just found out that my friend Be is engaged. I’m happy for her, I really am. And I’ve got nothing to say about marrying someone who’s not Catholic. Brain is still Baptist. And we’re happy. But Be’s dad, well lets just say he’s not as supportive of marrying someone who’s not Catholic as my […]

I should go back to my paper, and I will momentarily, after I get the remaining bottle of coke out of my car before it freezes, and after I blog about Thanksgiving. Wednesday it started. I went over to my parents house, and dove into baking. Thirty onion rolls and twenty eight sweet rolls later, […]

That’s what I need today. Patience to believe that tomorrow really will be better, and strength not to cave to all the stress right now. And maybe a good nights sleep that doesn’t include dreams of my apartment being demolished with no warning, as an undergrad. *shudder* its been a bad couple of days. Friday […]

better news…


So, my mother is firmly convinced that my mother-in-law is a hypochondriac nutcase.  And there’s no way its going to be as bad as she thinks it is.  Which is firmly comforting, because this has not been a good week for the idea of me quitting my job.   My mom, being a nurse and […]

I found out, [I was going to say ‘we’ but he’s known for a while… GRRR] that my mother-in-law is going to have to have surgery to fix a hole in her abdomen. Which, ok fine we’ll deal with it, like we deal with everything else. The only problem is who is going to watch […]